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How to choose a brush for combing cat hair

How to choose a brush for combing cat hair

Cats, like any other pets, need grooming. A person helps them maintain personal hygiene. The owner must not only feed the ward on time but also monitor his emotional state and appearance. Lovers of domestic cats have managed to breed many breeds with a wide variety of coats. In some cases, experts have competently used genetic mutations and created varieties with a unique wool structure, such as Rex or LaPerm. Are you need cat grooming glove?

According to the length of the hairs of felines, they can be divided into 3 groups: short-haired, smooth-haired, and long-haired. The first category is distinguished by a more adherent cover. The second and third groups are notable for their thick hair, which tends to get tangled in mats if not properly cared for.

Why do we need

Cats are among the most popular pets among city dwellers. They have a lot of advantages: they don’t need to walk, they don’t need to pay too much attention, etc. But the fur of any purring pet must be regularly looked after. And here special brushes come to the rescue of the owner.

The main task of the brushes is to remove dead hairs from the animal’s body. At the same time, the owner does not allow the wool to fly around the house. The tool is made in such a way that it does not injure the pet’s sensitive skin. Conversely, some models are able to stimulate blood flow. Cats get pleasure from massage brushes, like from gentle scratching.


The product is manufactured in several versions. Depending on the type of wool, the owner selects the best tool for the ward. At the same time, brushing should not cause discomfort to the owner.


Most popular category. It is recommended by the majority of specialists and experienced breeders – limnologists. This brush is unique in that it suits any type of coat. It effectively removes dead hair and creates a fleece effect on the tail or legs. Good for Abyssinian, British Shorthair, Bengal. The bristles have a “massage” effect. This is another of the advantages of this model. The instrument does not cause pain or stress for the cat.

Undercoat slicker

For a thicker coat and undercoat, a standard brush is not enough. Therefore, for long-haired breeds such as the Nibelungen,  British Chinchilla, Ragdoll or Ragamuffin, slicker dogs were created. The model consists of metal curved teeth located on a square type surface. It is with their help that the most high-quality combing of the undercoat occurs. However, the product has a number of nuances that should be observed. Before working with a slicker, it is recommended to comb the pet with a simple comb in order to immediately get rid of tangles or tangled hairs. And only after that, you can start using the slicker brush.

Mittens or gloves

The glove brush is an improved version of the massage tool. It looks like a “mitten” or “glove” with silicone teeth on the inside. It should be borne in mind that the model is not designed for combing wool. It only removes dead hairs, being an auxiliary tool during shedding. The mitten may be used on wet or dirty surfaces. it is very convenient to work simultaneously with two mittens worn on both hands.

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