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Dog separation anxiety: tips for creating an anti-stress kennel

Dog separation anxiety: tips for creating an anti-stress kennel

A dog suffering from separation anxiety every time you leave the house? There is an anti-stress kennel that could help him. Choose the best dog kennel for separation anxiety.

The ‘ separation anxiety in dogs is a very common behavior problem and often overlooked by the owners. Or rather: underestimated until the dog just howls when they leave the house, but that becomes “suddenly” important and to be solved immediately as soon as the dog destroys the new sofa. If it is true that there is no magic bullet and that a behavioral disorder that has been going on for years requires a lot of work and time to be solved, here are some things that can be done to better manage this situation before it gets too serious. . Dr. Claudine Sievert has provided valuable advice: an anti-stress kennel for the dog.

Dog separation anxiety: the ideal dog bed

The doctor suggested creating or procuring a doghouse with raised edges, equipped with cushions to evoke the feeling of a safe environment for the dog. Some anti-anxiety dog ​​beds look like real nests, others look like caves. It is important to provide these kennels with a very soft and welcoming surface so that the dog can sink into it and relax.

This anti-anxiety dog ​​bed, however, works the best if there is some sort of sensory reminder that the dog associates with its human. For this reason, some of these anti-anxiety dog ​​beds have a built-in automatic heating function, while others add a pillow that smells like the dog owner. This is to help the dog relax and makes him think his human is nearby.

As for the dimensions of these kennels, they need to be slightly larger than the dog’s size, so that he can assume a variety of different sleeping positions to be more comfortable.

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